P.C.M. (Pieter) Laan


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    Postbus 94157, 1090 GD Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Pieter is currently working on the development of a molecular approach towards heterogeneous bi-atomic catalysts (BACs) under the supervision of dr N. Yan (UvA, HIMS, Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry group) and prof. dr. J. N. H. Reek. This NWO-funded Vidi projectis inspired by Nature where many enzymatic conversions are depending on a pair of metal atoms as the active site. Compared to conventional heterogeneous catalysts which often contain nanoparticles as active phase, this approach substantially minimizes the usage of scarce noble metals and provides the opportunity to precisely tune the properties of the active center.


2014 – 2017 Bachelor Chemistry, cum laude, University of Amsterdam and VU Universityof Amsterdam

2017 – 2019 Master Chemistry, cum laude, University of Amsterdam and VUUniversity of Amsterdam

2019 – present PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam