R.F.J. (Roel) Epping

PhD Student

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    Postbus 94720, 1090 GS Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Roel joined the HomKat team on a NWO Top Grant awarded to Prof. Bas de Bruin, concerning the development of alternative sources for metal-nitrene and carbene formation. These highly reactive organometallic species serve as a unique way to access important organic frameworks, such as heterocyclic motifs or other diverse cyclic structures. However, the formation of such reactive intermediates is often achieved via expulsion of nitrogen gas from potentially explosive starting materials. The goal of Roel’s project is to investigate alternative methods of metal carbene synthesis and to seek alternative starting materials to that end. The approach is to develop a redox-active ligand framework for ligand-to-carbene single-electron-transfer to access new types of reactivity. Additionally, ylidic substrates will be investigated as alternatives for the conventional, yet explosive diazo compounds.


2008-2013 Bachelor Chemistry, Radboud University Nijmegen

2013-2016 Master Chemistry, Radboud University Nijmegen

2013-2014 Master Intership, Group of Dr. Hans Elemans, Radboud University Nijmegen

2015 Minor Internship, Group of Prof. Dr. Arjan Kleij, Institut Catala d’Investigacio Quimica

2017-Present PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam