E.J. (Eva) Meeus

PhD Student

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    Postbus 94157, 1090 GD Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Eva J. Meeus studied chemistry at the University of Amsterdam and the VU Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and obtained her Master’s degree  (cum  laude)  in  2019.  During  her  studies,  she  carried  out  research  internships  in  supramolecular  chemistry  (Prof.  Reek, University of Amsterdam), computational chemistry (Prof. Fonseca-Guerra, VU Amsterdam), and electrochemistry (Prof. Koper, Leiden University). Currently, she is a PhD candidate working on radical-type group transfer catalysis in aqueous media under the supervision of  Prof.  de  Bruin  and  Prof.  Reek  (University  of  Amsterdam).  She  visited  the  University  of  Basel  (Switzerland)  to  work  on  artificial metalloenzymes with Prof. Ward in this context.