B. (Bin) Sun

PhD Student

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    Postbus 94157, 1090 GD Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Bin Sun is currently working on the chiral cage topic. The aim of this research is to create chiral self-assembled cages which acting as the chiral confined spaces, to mimic the function of nature enzyme. The approach is by the rational design of the chiral building blocks, with different constructing methods, various chiral cages can be generated. With inherent chiral cavities in side, many catalysts could be encapsulated in these chiral cages via different interactions. The chiral information is expected to be transferred from the chiral cages to the catalysts, realizing the enantioselectivity in a chiral confined space.


2007-2011 Bachelor in Materials Chemistry, Inner Mongolia Normal University

2012-2015 Master in Organic Chemistry, East China Normal University

2014-2015 Visiting Scholar in Supramolecular Chemistry, Texas State University

2015-present PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam